The Science of Five Moons

First, and foremost — time is quantum.

The smallest quantum of time is defined as a single Planck Time.  That would be 5.39 × 10-44 second.  This also implies that space is quantum.  The smallest unit of space is 1.61624 × 10-35 meter.  Nothing smaller can even be measured.

Faster than Light Travel

Nothing can go faster than the natural speed of light, C, in normal space.  That is fairly straight forward.  But that would only be in normal space and only from a classical, non-quantum point of view.  In the quantum universe, however, distance is inconsequential and matter exists where the equations say that it does.  All one needs to do is to set the engine fields correctly and generate a timequake to jump immense distances instantaneously.  By stringing jumps one after the other, it is possible to travel unimaginable distances in a very short period of time.  Because this is a quantum phenomenon, mass and inertia are also of no consequence.  The shape and density of space, however, are.

These speeds are all expressed as powers of C, the natural speed of light in a vacuum.  So, a speed expressed as C35 would actually be C to the 35th power.  As you can see, the timequake ships can travel immense distances very quickly.


Quantum-com uses quantum entanglement to send digital signals instantaneously to any part of the known universe.  A sapphire layer is deposited onto silicon.  In the special process, all of the sapphire atoms are irradiated with entangled photons and become quantum entangled.  The wafer is then cut up into pieces.  Each piece is quantum entangled with all of the others.  If you shine a blue laser at its surface modulated with a digital signal, that digital signal appears at each and every piece simultaneously, no matter how far apart the pieces are.  Each piece can send and receive.  As this is a digital device, it becomes a part of the network.


A mindlink is a wireless network device.  It is a tiny gold dot.  Applied to the back of a person’s head, it grows its own connections to their brain.  It becomes their own, private, personal network connected PC complete with multiple displays that can be seen superimposed on their own natural field of view.  It allows full 3D video and audio access to the network.  Humans are just beginning to use them.  All the anoza have them.

And it is Time-Space, not Space-Time as defined by Einstein.

Everything you have been taught about Einstein and Relativity is wrong.  Einstein’s equations were all based on the supposed failure of the MMX experiment, but the truth of the matter was that the MMX experiment was actually a success.  It just did not give them the results they were looking for.

So, what did they conclude? That there was no ‘ether’ or medium through which light traveled.  Fast forward to just last year and what do we find?  The ‘ether’ they so thoroughly rubbished was secretly renamed.  It is now the ‘Higgs Field’ and I say HUH?  Are you serious?

A number of other things that were ‘assumed’ as given were also wrong.  Einstein stated that it was impossible to measure your absolute speed in the universe.  That is absolutely false.  In measuring the microwave background radiation, researches were also able to measure our absolute speed through the cosmos.  I will let you find out all of the other things about relativity that are wrong, but its no wonder that Einstein could never develop his theory of everything because his theories were all based on wrong assumptions.  All Einstein ever did was to juggle the numbers to make the equations agree with the data.

Dark Matter and Dark Energy?

And I say HUH?  How about the Higgs Field… You know — the ether… is not even and homogeneous?  How about that?  Or should we believe in some Ju-Ju magic that the ‘scientists’ pulled out of their butts?  How about — They just do not know.  You are allowed to chuckle when they tell you ‘we just haven’t found any yet.’  I do.  That does smell like they just pulled it out of their butts.

And how about Fine Tuning?

In physics, this refers to the fact that all of the physical constants of the Universe are fine tuned to produce life.  It is far too deep a discussion for my humble website.  I will let it for you to look up for yourself.  Oh, how they squirm to deny it.  They have even invented a multiverse to explain it away.  I am laughing again.  Once more it smells like an explanation they pulled out of their butts.

Now, what do you really know?

The greatest impediment to progress in science is the illusion of knowledge.