Tales of the Green Jinn

Tales of the Green Jinn are a series of novels  that takes a mystical walk on the side of science fiction.  They are action-packed adventures with adult themes and situations.  They are certainly not for the faint of heart.  These science fiction novels are as much works of mystical fantasy.  So buckle yourself down and get ready for a rough ride into the future.
Dragon Eyes is Book 1 of the series.

The highly acclaimed saga of the Five Moons continues as Dragon Eyes carries this action-packed adventure into the future.  Dragon Eyes is a mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction.  But the real heart of this story actually began long ago…

A thousand years ago, I was a very gifted seer.  Now I am starting over, determined to do to Evil what I had failed to do before. But where could I be the one who stood against evil and made a difference? Then the Council of the Crescent Moon saw a vision of the Green Jinn.  So, I tested the heart of the man who was to become the ship’s captain.


As I recall, it all started with a dream.  I awoke from that dream only to find that we had a mission the Five Moons could not handle.  In secret, my father brought me to a whole new ship — the Green Jinn.  Everything about the Green Jinn was an illusion, and nobody knew that she even existed.  Admiral Dallas Blake made me captain of the Green Jinn.  I am Chon ko Gonin.

So it was that the Green Jinn began its first mission – to hunt down the worst interplanetary crime boss that ever existed.  David Zharn was so far beyond evil that even Admiral Johnson herself could not nail this scum, but we would not let Admiral Johnson down.  It all started out with the best of intentions.  That is when everything went sideways.

Dragon Eyes was published January 20, 2017 by Double Dragon Publishing
Sibyls’ Orb is Book 2 of the series.

Dragon Eyes began this bold science fiction adventure, but Sibyls’ Orb drags you inexorably into the beating heart of this mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction…

The road to hell is surely paved with good intentions.  Chon Ko Gonin, Captain of the Green Jinn, would definitely agree with that.  With the best of intentions, the Green Jinn ventured into unexplored territory in search of a wanted interplanetary criminal.

Right from the start, the Green Jinn found itself dragged into a battle to save an ancient people from the Merc invaders hiding in the unexplored territory since the Corporate War more than 40 years ago.  Right from the start, ancient forces of good, and evil fought for control of Sibyl’s Orb and dragged Chon Ko Gonin into the middle of it.

Sibyl’s Orb was the key that would unlock the mysteries that lay before him, but finding it and saving it would test his strength, and cunning to its limits.  However, Sibyl’s Orb would not be his only challenge on this mission.  Beyond the orb was an ancient evil.  Its minions had killed Destiny a thousand years ago, but that was not the last word.  Destiny was back, and this time, she was determined to end this once and for all.

But this unexplored territory was about to give up yet another secret from the past, an old foe of unequaled skill and cunning — the man who gave the orders to kill Admiral Dallas Blake’s whole family.

Sibyl’s Orb is a complete work not yet in the Double Dragon schedule.


The Ojunta Stone is Book 3 in the series.

This is currently a work in progress, but let me assure you; it will rock you to the core.  This one is definitely not for the faint of heart.