The Ojunta Stone


Dragon Eyes began this bold science fiction adventure.  Then Sibyls’ Orb dragged you inexorably into the beating heart of this mystical walk on the wild side of science fiction.  But now, this twisted tale of mystical intrigue will weave your mind forever into The Ojunta Stone.

It all began forty years ago, during the Anoza Rebellion, when the rebels abandoned an anoza science officer and his team on the human world, Galatea. To their horror, they discovered the unspeakable evil that had been done there by their own people, anoza.  But evil begets evil.  Before the day was done, the rebels had killed one of their own and left the rest to die.  So it was, in his despair, that the Ojunta Stone found him.  So it was, that the science officer, a good man, became ensnared in the ancient evil… consumed by it.

Forty years later, on a distant anoza world, a meeting was held of Council of the Crescent Moon in the Temple of Shem Kazat.  Seven times they circled the sacred fire.  Incense rose unto the heavens.  When the power of them was full, within the Sibyl’s Orb, only a brief vision was seen to give Toron, the smallest of clues, to hunt down this ancient evil.  But the vision was of a time and place forty years in the past.  How could that possibly help him now?

Toron had survived the Anoza Rebellion’s best attempt to kill him, but this time he found himself wound full-up into the same intrigues with a new face.  This time, he faced an even more cunning opponent who had cheated death and hid amongst his people for the past forty years.

But Captain Chon Ko Gonin and the crew of the Green Jinn had already unknowingly joined this quest.  They thought they were hunting down a pair of criminals guilty of the most unspeakable war crimes, but quickly found themselves embroiled by the same ancient evil of the Ojunta Stone.

This time, only the Dragon Warrior could save them, but to do that, he must first find the Alchemist of the Cozmos to discover the secret of the stone.  Then, he must find a golden butterfly and a silver dragonfly.  But Ojunta was not about to be so easily defeated.

No matter what the outcome, you will be left to ask yourself; Is this magic or is this science?  After all, quantum physics is not exactly what any sane person would call ‘logical’ now; right?  So, you had better be prepared as The Ojunta Stone pushes that thought to its limits and severely tests the boundaries of belief.  After all, this is science fiction, not fantasy… or is it?