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Bill Parker Author Photo 003Five Moons is action adventure science fiction with the full flavor and robust action of a guns-blazing western.  It is funny and, at times, sad.  It is a love story.   It is a mystery with alien intrigues.   It is sometimes a step into the mystical.  But most of all, it is a very personal story told from the inside.  Five Moons is full contact, take no prisoners sci-fi that doesn’t quit on your mind to the very last word.  This is definitely not your father’s science fiction.

Five Moons contains adult language and situations.

Warning: The artificial gravity will not hold you down in your seat. So buckle in, hold on, and get ready for an exciting ride into the far future.

Book 1 is where the saga begins, Five Moons: Resurrection.

Five Moons: Resurrection by Bill Parker
Five Moons: Resurrection by Bill Parker

Five Moons: Convolute is Book 2 of the series.

5Moons-Convolute_cover(or click on the picture)

Five Moons: Entangled
Five Moons: Entangled

So, where did this story begin?  For the  History of Five moons go here.

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