Five Moons: Convolute


The Five Moons saga continues with Book 2: Convolute dropping you right into the middle of the action as the Syndicate’s last mobsters hunt down a Special Forces agent in the streets of Habston, the biggest little city on Panara-5. It quickly becomes a running gun battle as Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons tries to save him.

After Emma and Sophie unwind one of the alien mysteries of the ship, the Five Moons is enlisted by Special Forces to transport their agents to Daggan-7. But the alien technology of this ship is not about to give Dallas any breaks. In the worst of places, at the worst of times, he suddenly finds himself embroiled in yet another alien enigma with only a cryptic error message to give him a clue.

Even so, the gut-wrenching twists and turns of fate don’t quit for Dallas Blake and the crew of the Five Moons. Trying to escape from one villain, Dallas and crew fall right into the hands of yet another — Sarsen Tabbot, the Merc Commander responsible for the death of Dallas’ whole family.

Intertwined in this whole mess is a real spy-vs-spy story pitting Special Forces against an old nemesis, with Dallas and the crew of the Five Moons caught in the middle.

If you love to hate a good villain, Five Moons: Convolute will give you a couple of real doozies to get your blood boiling. This story is as convoluted as it gets.

The next novel in this series is Five Moons  Book 3: Entangled.

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Kindle Version
ISBN-10: 1-77115-291-5
ISBN-13: 9781771152914
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
eBook Length: 167 Pages
Published: March 2016

Paperback Version
ISBN-10: 1530451450
ISBN-13: 9781530451456
Genre: Science Fiction/Dark Fantasy
Book Length: 184 Pages
Published: March 2016

Rated #1 New Release in Science Fiction and Fantasy by Amazon 3/21/2016!

Convolute Amazon No 1

Readers Favorite 5starReader’s Favorite Rated Five Moons: Convolute a Five Star Read!
Reviewed by Charles Remington for Readers’ Favorite…
“Five Moons: Convolute is the sort of book that science fiction fans long for – a good, fast-moving plot, evil villains, faster than light inter-dimensional space travel, lots of gadgets, machines, sleek spaceships bristling with weaponry, and all liberally sprinkled with exotic ladies, some of whom are divinely evil. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and took to Dallas Blake, a character who seems to have elements of Han Solo, John Walton (if you can remember the TV series) and Pa Larkin (The Darling Buds of May). Bill Parker has created a science fiction classic – long may the series continue.”
Read their review: Readers’ Favorites review of Five Moons: Convolute

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